DRUE // Team

Drue McPherson // Co-Owner, Educator, Artist

Working as a Regional Director for Kemøn, Drue travels across the United States and Europe to learn and educate on the latest trends in hair coloring techniques and processes. Drue brings his love of freehand coloring techniques and corrective color expertise to DRUE.

Outside of the salon, Drue attends Kendall College of Art and Design for additional inspiration and knowledge.

Favorite Styling Product: KM Shimmer.Shine

Becky Watters // Co-Owner, Artist

Becky loves working with natural hair texture, creating dimensional effects with freehand balayage techniques, pixie cuts, and makeup. After several color courses and the School of Makeup in Toronto, Becky brings a diverse portfolio of services to DRUE.

When away from DRUE, Becky enjoys antiquing, home renovations, dancing, and reading with her cats.

Favorite Styling Product: KM Powder.Puff

Dani Young // Artist

Dani excels in advanced blonding techniques, including freehand balayage, baby lighting, and global applications. Dani’s skillset is expansive because of her broad education portfolio including men’s hair, formal styling, extension certification, and work with natural hair texture.

In her free time, Dani is an artist, reads, weight lifts, binges on some quality trash television, is a movie buff, and absorbs culture.

Favorite Styling Product: KM Doo.Over


Jordan Wilkins // Artist

Moving from Chicago to Kalamazoo, Jordan brings a diverse portfolio of advanced cutting and coloring techniques to DRUE. Jordan loves creating transformations through color placement, freehand, and foiling techniques.

Jordan shares her passion for all things vintage, trends, reading, dabbling in painting, and pop culture.

Favorite Styling Product: KM Bedroom.Hair

Megan Potts // Artist

With previous experience as an educator for Kemøn color, Megan has a strong background in color theory and excels in a diverse range of color techniques. Megan combines her expertise in color to her love of cutting to offer a diverse range of services at DRUE.

When outside of the salon, Megan loves to read, listen to music, frequents concerts, and travels.

Favorite Styling Product: KM Young.Again

Laurent // Salon Love Bug

Born 2012. Red sable, long-haired chihuahua. Loves to run around and greet clients. Single.

Favorite Styling Product: KM Staying.Alive